Frequently Asked Questions

How do I commission a one of a kind collage/illustration/painting?

Commissioned works can be a cherished gift for a loved one, honor ancestors that are long gone, or even to build a room around in your new (or cozy and worn in) home. Contact Daisy and answer a few questions to receive a quote for a project.

Please note that Daisy only takes on a limited number of commissions seasonally and is now taking consultations for the fall. No projects will be taken on prior to be started prior to September or completed prior October. The artist reserves the right to decline projects that do not fit her brand or artistic interests/freedoms. 

Daisy requires a non-refundable 60% deposit to begin working after a mutually shared vision and plan is determined between artist and patron, and 40% upon completion. Please note that without a deposit, Daisy is considered available to take on other projects. Minimums for commissioned works are $250. Monthly payment options are available for larger projects over $500. Price increases with size, degree of difficulty, and medium/supplies needed. 

How do I get updates about shows/events/new work by Daisy? 

Send Daisy a message through the contact page with the subject "Add to Mailing List" and follow Daisy on instagram